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The Plant-Powered Punks Membership is a platform for kids, parents and teachers to collaborate and connect. 

Children are at the centre of this community, providing a place to share cooking creations, learn "how to", get questions answered and celebrate healthy living.  The Plant-Powered Punks Membership was developed to bring young chefs together as a community of inspiration, creativity and enthusiasm.  Kids can enter contests, participate in fitness and adventures, learn about plant-based nutrition and the impact of food choices on human health.


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 Bringing youth together with nutrition and lifestyle at home and in the classroom

Collaboration and community provides children a platform to embrace a learning experience that teaches kids to prepare healthy meals and delicious snacks, teaches life-long skills, and gives kids an opportunity to explore and discover, through experiential learning.  The Plant-Powered Punks Membership site is a place for children to celebrate their creations and get inspired by the creations of others.  Our membership site invites members to post pictures of their recipes, share ideas, discuss and learn about a variety of kitchen tools, follow along with cooking class videos and much more. 

Teachers and home-schooling parents have access to monthly lesson plans that encompass almost every subject area, from science, nutrition, health, math, English, art, and more.

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What to expect...

The Plant-Powered Punks Membership is a safe, secure platform, online, away from social media.  Kids, parents and teachers can log on anytime to get inspired, get guidance, and participate in the activities offered exclusively to this community. Here's what you can expect:

  • cooking classes, as Margot and friends show step by step how to make each recipe in the Plant-Powered Punks cookbook.  
  • Tune into short lessons about kitchen tools and plant-based cooking skills
  • enter contests
  • upload pictures of your kitchen creations
  • ask questions, get support
  • monthly lesson plans
  • special guest speakers
  • fitness challenges and other adventures, perfect for the whole family (and class!)
  • inspiration from other members.
  • Begin by completing recipes designed for Budding chefs and then graduate to "Blossom", where recipes are more challenging, and ultimately advance to "Bloom" the most advanced level for challenging recipes.

You'll receive reminder emails and updates so you know what's happening and what to check out each week.

There are no obligations to commit to time limits. You can opt out at any time.

All of this for a monthly fee that costs less than your average trip to Starbucks. 

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