Plant-Powered Punks 

Plant-Powered Punks is a unique children's cookbook filled with delicious, nutritious, plant-based recipes.
It's the kind of book that gives kids the opportunity to learn some handy kitchen skills and shows budding chefs how to create simple, delicious recipes they can enjoy for years to come.
There is something for every level of experience and every taste...all with the added opportunity for parents and kids to spend some quality time together in the kitchen!

Get inspired by our mascots Cauli and Flower, and all the children in Plant-Powered Punks! Before you know it you'll be cooking up a storm and devouring your delicious creations! 

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The  Story of Plant-Powered Punks

The idea of Plant-Powered Punks originated when my children were in elementary school.  As a family, we embraced plant-based nutrition early on, and our children thrived.  I envisioned creating the book then, but as a busy Mom, working as a teacher and health coach, it had to wait.  The years went by and the idea stuck.  I reached out to my talented Godson, our photographer, Connor, I sent him the recipes and he cooked and baked and took the photographs. We gathered some enthusiastic, adorable kids for our kitchen shoot.  I found Zeeshan, who created Cauli and Flower for me, and I consulted my subscribers for their input, so I could create something that would make a difference for children and their families. (I think being a kid these days is not as easy as it used to be.)  It's been a really fun project, during a difficult time.  I lost my Mom in March 2, 2022 and my Dad just this past month, May 8, 2023.

When my Mom passed last year, a wise friend of hers told me the best therapy was creativity.  She was right.

Plant-Powered Punks is my effort to get the notion of delicious, healthy, whole plant foods into the hearts and minds of children. It's about teaching kids that making healthy choices more often, can make a difference to their health, that making our food is fun and tastes the best! Imagine a world where youth can connect their lifestyle choices with the well-being of our forests, rivers, lakes and oceans and all of the earthlings we share our planet with.  Imagine a world where kids eat simple healthy food, feel great, have the energy to take on everything and anything... and never have to worry about looming, lifestyle-related conditions.  We all want our kids to be healthy.  I think Plant-Powered Punks is a great place to start.

I hope you all have hours of fun with it.

Margot xo

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