Margot Freitag

Margot has always been passionate about health and wellness, fitness and food.  Regardless, she struggled with unrelenting asthma and allergies throughout her early life and well into adulthood. She learned about the critical role of plant-based nutrition in human health in 1995, in a full-semester course taught by renowned dietician, author and speaker, Brenda Davis; but it wasn't until her son was diagnosed with asthma at the tender age of six, a decade later, when she finally changed her family’s diet. Within days, she and her son were asthma free. 

 Margot is certified in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell’s T. Colin Campbell Nutrition Studies Program. She has had careers as a massage therapist and personal trainer and is a specialist in remedial exercise in medical treatment as well as functional fitness.  Margot is a junior-intermediate and high school teacher, and has taught mostly high school English and Drama. She loves the arts, especially writing and acting. She has completed Leadership training and has been both a health and business coach since 2017. Margot’s coaching programs have helped hundreds of women world-wide. 

 As a teacher and mother, Margot understands the connection between healthy food and quality of life.  She is passionate about setting children up for success and providing a solid, healthy foundation from which children can grow, learn and thrive.

   When Margot isn't writing, creating or coaching, she can be found running, hiking, gardening, riding (bikes and horses) and travelling.  Margot Lives in Northwestern Ontario with her husband, son and daughter, two Spanish mustang horses, and two big crazy dogs.