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The State of Our Children's Health

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 It is no secret that raising healthy kids who love to eat fruits and veggies, beans and whole grains is often a distant dream for parents. My kids are pretty well grown now, and raising healthy kids was high on my list.  I learned early on, that when it comes to food, it's what you do most of the time that counts.  There is no such thing as perfection, nor should there be.  Some healthy choices each day, was always the goal.  Now my "little ones" are getting ready to launch into their own lives, and I am hoping they hold on to some of the healthy habits they learned growing up. I am holding on to these precious moments while we still have them with us here at home!  

I had the idea to create a children's cookbook back when my kids were in elementary school, and now it's one of those things that I can check off my bucket list!  I could have left it undone, but I had a nagging idea I had to pursue .... and I am glad I did.  

It turns out the health and well-being of our children today is at stake like never before. Our children are faced with a myriad of mental and physical health issues precipitated by modern life.   I was side-lined when a plant-based colleague sent an email sharing that the American Association of Paediatrics is now supporting gastric by-pass surgery for obese children as young as 13 (but there is no specific age cut-off for this surgery!)

I get it.  The dangers of obesity are real; kids are not only faced with diabetes and other weight-related illnesses, obesity has real consequences for mental health and quality of life. But there is a better way.  We need to solve the problem with healthy habits, behaviours and lifestyle, whenever possible, rather than extreme measures like surgery, that can't really solve the underlying issue.

We need to get kids outdoors again, running around in the yard, using their imaginations, creating, learning, developing skills, co-ordination, agility and naturally-acquired fitness that comes from good old-fashioned play.

Food can play a vital role in the health of our children, beyond the obvious: that kids should eat more fruits and veggies.  Kids need more time in the kitchen, having fun with healthy ingredients and spending time with parents.  We are too often grabbing a bite and heading out the door to sports and activities.  If we can slow down, even just a few nights a week, and demonstrate the importance of caring for our personal health, (starting with what we put into our bodies), I think we could create a shift.  If we can get our kids into the kitchen with us, creating a delicious meal that serves our health, energy and quality of life, we can have some fun, and we may also create some light-bulb moments.

My hope is that Plant-Powered Punks is an agent for healthier habits, nutritious food that tastes delicious, and the critical element of connection, where parents or loved ones can have some fun spending time with kids creating in the kitchen.

FYI, I've created the Plant-Powered Punks Membership,  a robust platform (away from social media) that encourages healthy habits, adventure and fitness, creativity, cooking and food prep skills and more.  There are challenges, meet-ups, coaching calls and a community of people, kids and families, with the same goals and commitment to healthy living.  Let's bring healthy food back to the kitchen, and let's get our kids set up for a lifetime of healthy habits and happy, fulfilled living.  You can check it out here:

Join us!

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